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BurgerLover on July 19, 1999

Sup dude! I am luving ur site. It’s da bomb! I like Green Day too and u sound kinda cute! Anyways, i think you should check out my site. All ur magic talk totally inspired me to make my own. Hope you check it out :) Click Here to go to My Site!

SakuraRed on January 5, 1998

Hello Arthur,

I have resorted to great lengths to find your website. I am very concerned as I haven’t heard from you in months and neither have any of your friends. I do not wish to resort to posting this publicly, but I don’t know what else to do. If you are reading this, please reach out to me. You know how to find me.

Kind Regards,


Lukas-fe-elskeren on September 19, 1997

Nice website. Very helpful. I wish for another update soon.

Draccfiend on October 29, 1996

Very lovely site! I will come here often. Fangs a lot.