Update Log


Basics and Intergration with Magiks

Welcome to the technology page. The details here should be the least important to you- it is only crucial for you to be familiar with your own hardware and your own magic. This kind of magic that interfaces with computing objects is still a mostly underground practise of which I might be its sole inventor. I find the new combination exciting yet, I am cautious about its potential uses and ability for harm. That is why only witches as competent as myself will be able to follow along with the charms and brew shared here. That being said, the following section reviews the basic hardware and equipment needed.


My personal computer is the IBM Aptiva. Pictured here is its monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse. It runs win95 and contains 16MB of RAM but operating systems are insignificant and you’ll be fine with much lower RAM. (although it is very much possible to upgrade- I’ve had to replace mine once. There are many guides on the web that discuss this. A resource I’ve found for my own personal computer is the Unofficial IBM Aptiva Support site- which would be helpful to you if you also own an Aptiva)

It is more important to know the specifications of your computer in order to sync your magical frequencies with it- for the charms and hexes that require it.

Connecting Cables

I recommend keeping extra backups of not only your system but extra cords and connectors. If a spell or potion goes wrong they could get fried. Pictured here is a USB-A. But I also keep extra ethernet cables. For your cauldron you will need something to affix your connecting cord to the bottom of it so it won’t slip out- but an official port is not needed.

Floppy Discs

I rely mostly on floppy discs as I still am working out the magic for CD-ROMs. Keep lots of floppies on hand as well- sometimes running charms require many, and through the learning process, it is inevitable you will fry some.

Internet Connectivity

Internet connection can aid the magic but there are many that simply use the hardware as it is without connection. While there are several dial-up charms to share there are also spells that solely utilise landline connections.